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Giuseppe Cappé - Capodimonte Italian Porcelain

Picture of master sculptor and artist Giuseppe Cappe Giuseppe Cappé is widely known as one of the best capodimonte porcelain sculptors and was producing fine works of art in his 80s. The trademark N bedecked with a 5 pronged crown was registered by us in 1962. Beware of imitations.

Born in Milan 1921-2008, lived in Milan and in Como province where he has the workshop-studio near the Royal Crown Porcelain Manufactory and where he creates his masterpices that are sent all over the world, especially America where they have won the market. Many of his works are now in many private collections and museums.

Cappé is an artist who has taken inspiration from the ranks of the great Italian barocco-alessandra folk tradition of which the stuccos by Serpotta (Palermo), the Capodimonte Works and the Neapolitan precursors are the typical and well-known examples. Cappé is an artist who has been creating from 1946 and his works have had so much success that he has been imitated and even plagiarised.

However, the original is unmistakable and this web-site will attempt to set the record straight and widen Cappé's audience to the new cyber generation as he becomes an octogenarian.

We offer a small sample from the 250 creations in the collection.

Giuseppe Cappé

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