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Wall & Standing Mirrors

Choosing Feblands as you wholesale supplier of modern wall mirrors will assure you a quality service and access to over 60 different designs. We tend to hold good stocks which include wall mirrors, floor mirrors, cheval mirrors and dressing table mirrors.

A large portion of our range is taken up by frameless, or mirrored mirrors which complement our mirrored furniture pieces.
Our trade sales staff will be more than happy to discuss terms and conditions.


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  1. Black Relief Wall Mirror

    Product Code : FM707

    Height : 108cm Width : 72cm Depth : 3cm
    • Bevelled mirror panels
  2. Charles Boroque Style Wall Mirror

    Product Code : FM701

    Height : 82cm Width : 112cm Depth : 8cm
    • Beveled mirror
    • Wooden frame
  3. Edward King Size Wall Mirror

    Product Code : FM646

    Height : 153cm Width : 214cm Depth : 5.5cm
    • Bevelled mirror
    • Wooden frame
  4. Edward Large Wall Mirror

    Product Code : FM642

    Height : 156cm Width : 96cm Depth : 9cm
    • Bevelled mirror
    • Wooden frame
  5. Elizabeth Standing Mirror

    Product Code : FM641

    Height : 180cm Width : 45cm Depth : 4-45cm
    • Wooden Frame
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5 Item(s)